Produktion with modern machinery

when efficiently used - guarantees not only cost-effectiveness but also highest quality

We use the latest CNC machinery for the production lines in our main production plant as well as in our subsidiary plants.  We process solid wood, wood-based composite materials, metals, plastic and cardboard packaging.

Efficient operational sequences through automation of all possible processes ensure highest precision for small or large scale production. Transparency and continuous optimization of processes through our production planning and control are a matter of course. We manufacture in accordance with DIN 4074.

Gühring has a well-assorted warehouse. In response to the accelerating customer demands, the warehouse has been continuously expanded in the past years and is managed with the aid of a computer system.

Our motivated staff continuously receives intensive internal and external training courses. This way we achieve highest quality for optimal efficiency.


Special features

  • Manufacturing according to DIN 4074
  • Latest CNC machines
  • Rational workflows
  • Transparency and continuous optimisation of processes
  • Well sorted warehouse
  • Motivated personnel
  • top quality
  • optimal profitability

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