Folding boxes in OSB / Plywood

Examples from ower production

Our diverse folding boxes are made of plywood or OSB in many standard and special sizes and with wall thicknesses of 6, 9, 12, 15, plywood or OSB, can be driven under twice, under four. Of course, our folding boxes are weatherproof and the IPPC version is suitable for overseas transport by ship and plane. Also available in appropriate container sizes (see table).

These external dimensions are currently available:

Setup takes less than 45 seconds. The weight saving compared to solid wood is 30 to 60% depending on the design, the transport volume compared to conventional crate transport can be reduced by 30% and dismantling for storage or return transport saves around 70% volume.

We would be happy to determine the optimal box size for your packaged goods and, if necessary, build them individually.
Closures are possible in different variations.


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